Fri 09
Bank of England Vets
R Cook, A Hill
Buccaneers victorious in the rain

Buccaneers victorious in the rain

By Jorrit Schrauwers
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Last gasp winners

Match report - A game of two halves.

Vets Buccaneers vs Bank of England

It was the perfect conditions for something, maybe not rugby. Which makes it all the more remarkable that such an enjoyable match took place at the Reeves.

Thanks to Peter Smith the Buccaneers managed to put out a full side with a decent reserve, on a well prepared pitch and with a full kit. Also with thanks to those guys who joined us from Old Hamptonians, Chobham and London Irish vets. Thank you guys you are most welcome to join us again and count on our support, we look forward to further collaborations.

The first half can truly be summed up as two enthused sides throwing themselves into the fray. Yet despite maximum effort and huge pressure on the BOE lines there was no way through, a strong counter from BOE and stirling defensive efforts from both sides, no scores were coming.

Both sides appeared to have adopted the Roukes Drift mindset to the game, none shall pass. That is to say the try line, not the ball, we digress.

The crowd were in a fervour, surely there must be a score, anything, someone somehow? Alas the efforts on maximum from both sides, neither could not break the deadlock.

The half time score 0-0.

Weather update, still shit and wet and windy. Thank you again to the supporters.

Kick off second half, some changes to both teams, we go again, the game is shaping up the same as the first half, maximum effort huge tackles, no breakthrough.

5 minutes in...

A move starts, the vets a driving on, the crowd is going wild maintaining possession we exit our 22.

The first half efforts from the Buccaneers have softened BOE just enough, we are moving, mauling, rucking now the half way line, still in possession, Louie Edwards screaming BUCCANEERS (WOM in absentia by the way, congrats Louie).

The forwards have got us to the BOE 22, the ball comes wide, its slippery when wet just as Bon Jovi would had liked.

The ball makes its way out, Andrew Hill spinning left, Luke Williams, surprisingly, catches and passes, but it's a whip and wet, Ads Adam Anderson gets a hand to it and slips it further, Mark the full back has just over run, the ball goes to ground and he pull his hand back, no knock on. Up steps a giant of a wing, a true rugby legend, a man mountain of the game. The BOE guys shout RINGER, this guy must be an ex pro!!? He smashes through what is now the entire BOE team , 18 of them on his back, the subs have joined in. Nothing could stop him.

The winger is actually just lucky with the bounce an absent defence and a well timed trip on his own bootlaces to fall over the line for the opening try.

Buccaneers lead 5-0

The conversion is a doozy, the ball way out left just 5 meters from touch, the wind is blowing a houlie. Witches of Eastwick swirl around the head of the kicker, all lingering from halloween intrigued by this spectacle of a game. They guide the ball like a quidditch puck straight between the uprights.

Buccaneers lead 7-0 as Adam Anderson converts.

BOE are none too impressed with this, at all, the backlash is precise and the pressure relentless, some warriors breakthrough the straw roof, try BOE.

7-5 as the conversion is missed.

Buccaneers are rocked as a second score from BOE quickly follows, this time converted. I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips,
Straining upon the start....we need to regroup.


Club chairman Stephen Leach is now in the fray steadying the scrums.

The game is getting scrappy, the ball now referred to as dove bar is spilled left and right, the hits are still going in hard from both teams.

Who wants this more?

Penalty BOE.


Time is running out....

The blast of war blows in our ears, we imitate the actions of the tiger, sinews are stiffened, blood is summoned. We fight back, the game is more open now, the BOE guys make a handling error, Henry Garfield pounces like the cat which is his namesake and fly hacks from the half way line. The race is on, somewhere in the wind the sounds of chariots of fire are heard.

Henry Garfieldwins the foot race and with excellent footballing skills guides the ball across the line, try Staines Buccaneers.


The clock ticks on, Adam 'Tank' Hollier rejoins to the left wing and is immediately living unto his name. The hits are huge, BOE want this, a lot....

The clock almost gone, the teams throwing everything into the game, nothing will be left on this pitch tonight...

Buccaneers regain possession and press again, they have started on the 5M line, after another period of stoic defensive play.

The crowd urge Staines on, momentum is gained half way, we press on, we want this, now reaching the 22, no way through BOE will not lay down.

Staines go left, no gaps, right, no way through. Possession is maintained, again and again the attacks press the BOE line.

1 minute to go and Staines are awarded a penalty bang in front of the posts, kick for the draw? Scrum? ...... in for penny as they say! No one likes a draw So Staines Tap and go! Now just seconds left, the final play, Staines unknown warrior, now identified as Andrew Hill crashes over the line in a mess of bodies. The referee takes a long hard look, TRY awarded !!

17-15 final result.

An epic opening to the season, we go again against Grasshoppers in 2 weeks, away on their fake grass.

Match Report by Russell Cook

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Fri 09, Nov 2018




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